Tree Removal & Felling

Removing or felling a tree is often done to improve the look of a property or to prevent a safety hazard. While this task may seem as simple as sawing the trunk, you must take into consideration nearby structures or gardens, if the tree is in a tight location, the safety of nearby people and, of course, being courteous of your neighbours.

By hiring our team at Hunter River Trees, you won't have to worry about a thing. We provide a clean, safe result in accordance to Australian Standard 4373–2007.

Tree Removal For All Situations

There are a number of different sets of circumstances where tree removal is going to be the most appropriate option. Note that we don't always have to remove a tree - there are a number of alternatives that could mean the tree is spared. We may remove a tree where:

  • The tree is very diseased, and therefore dangerous.
  • Construction or a development is planned, and the tree needs to be removed in order for the project to go ahead.
  • The tree has got too big to safely remain in its current location - for example, the branches have begun to hang over a property, or the roots are encroaching into foundations.
  • The tree is dead.
  • Subsidence or other changes in the landscape have resulted in the tree being unstable.

Alternatives to Tree Removal

In some cases, more conservative measures can be used to make a tree safe or improve its health. Pruning, lopping, crowning or coppicing can all control disease and help to give a tree the chance to thrive.

Encroaching tree roots can be dug up, without the need to get rid of the entire tree. Whilst we can't promise to save every tree, if desired we can often provide an alternative to total tree removal.


Tree Removal FAQs